Pot size and overwintering help needed.

spaceman13(6b)July 3, 2013

I ordered my Hamelia Patens (Firebush), Russelia Equisetformis (Firecracker fern) and Aesculus Pavia (Red Horse Chestnut), The Buckeye will go in the ground, the others in pots to be overwintered.

The Hamelia says 4-8H x 4-6W, and the Russelia 2-4H x 3-5W. I'm figuring about half that size in containers(?)

What would be the best size containers? Any tips/tricks for overwintering these, or similar plants would be greatly appreciated!


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Typically a plants roots extend to the same horizonal distance as the foliage. So get as clost to that as reasonable; 1/2 may be okay, but 2/3 would be better.

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