Best Container Mulch

fireduck(10a)July 20, 2014

Unfortunately, my other post regarding the importance of hijacked by a couple of individuals that wanted to argue about container mixes, fertilizers, and chemistry. Now, do you have a favorite mulch for your container? Why do you like that specific one?

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I use leaf mould. It keeps the roots cooler, conserves moisture, provides some nutrients and best of all...It's FREE!

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shazaam(NC 7B)

I like to use pine bark fines. I sift out everything under 1/4" and reserve that for making potting mix and then use the larger pieces for mulch.

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I thought about the pine bark myself. I suppose they can't be too big....right? I am not familiar with "leaf mould". What is that?

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I guess my question would be why even bother with mulch? Other than to perhaps slow down some soil moisture evaporation, I can't imagine any other need for it in a container setting. Have been container gardening for pretty much all my adult life and have never once mulched a container except for some decorative rock in a planting of succulents.

I'd deem it a pretty unnecessary step.

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zeuspaul(9b SoCal)

I siift bark and use the larger pieces for mulch if I mulch. The bark is only slightly larger than the bark in the mix so it can be incorporated into the mix later on.

I like to mulch my lettuce because it helps keep splash off the leaves.

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leaf mould is leaves that are shredded and composted.

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When I was using containers, I used pebbles an inch to 2 inches in diameter.

Cheap, permanent, discouraged cats, looked good, and retained moisture.

To repot, scoop out the pebbles. Replace pebbles after repotting.

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some great ideas above...

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Josh provided a good tip recently. He suggested to save pine bark that won't fit through a 1/2" screen and use that as mulch for containers. So when I screen pine bark anything that's too large for the 1/2" screen I now save and use as mulch.


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Not chemistry... physics, which plays an important role in growing any plant, in any setting... to be honest.

If you reread your last thread, you'll see that a couple of us tried to help by sharing our experiences and offering suggestions and information to the conversation...

It's very unfortunate, but whenever someone tries to correct misinformation, threads rapidly go downhill. Personally, I'd rather be corrected and learn something than continue to live with what is incorrect information... but to each his or her own, I suppose... you can't force people to accept that which is...

Knowledge is the path to success...

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