Need idea for driveway border

robphelanMay 6, 2010

We have an approx 50' long driveway.

For some reason or another I decided to install metal edging about 20" to the side and fill the space with river rock.

I couldn't dig very deep to bury the metal edging, so now it looks pretty bad - crooked, bent from where the wife drove over it a few times, etc..

I really like to look of having a river rock border, but need an idea on what to do.

Someone suggested to pull up the edging and dig a swath using a 4" wide pick to create a border. Then, I could put in pavers or some other material to act as a border.

any ideas out there?

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Not the wife's fault is my idea.

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Trying to be sensitive to your situation ...

You say rather vaguely that you decided to put in this 20" border to your 50' foot driveway for "some reason or other".

Start there. What's the reason? In order to achieve your goal, you gotta have a clear reason. If it can't actually be achieved, then at some point you may need to realize that you should scratch the whole idea. On the other hand, if you are very clear about what you think you need this for, or what look and presentation you are hoping to achieve, then you need to be willing to do whatever steps it takes to achieve and maintain your goal.

I think you've already figured out that doing this is going to mean work on the front end. The metal edging ... no surprise to me on this one as we removed all metal edging on beds and borders from previous owner ... doesn't look great sticking up out of the ground and looks worse after being a driving hazard.

You've probably not had your river rock border long enough to find out that weeds will eventually grow in the rocks. Trust me on this, they will. So you'll be weeding a 50 foot x nearly 2 foot border for as long as you have this thing. No problemo. Round Up will take care of it.

And if you put in a paver edging to your border? It'll have some of its own issues. Nothing impossible, but if not put in with care, they'll look amateur. So you could end up with an eyesore rather than an asset. But you get to set your own standard on that ...

Where is this idea coming from for you? What are you trying to achieve? Why does your driveway need a river rock border to it?

I know that I'm not fond of stepping out of a car onto irregular surfaces. For me, that would rule out putting river rocks along a driveway edge. A driveway, first of all, is for the convenience and safety of people coming and going from the house.

Just a few thoughts for your consideration ... Hope it helps somehow.

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