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jmcgowanMay 24, 2012

Our landscape architect specified a Hadco brick light with an incandescent bulb to be used in a few places on our terrace; the model is RSC2 HK5I. Three of these will be placed in our hardscape to provide low level lighting near steps or the edge of the terrace. I want the light to be soft and not too bright.

Hadco makes the same light in an LED version, which I'd like to use instead. It can be purchased with a warm lens, and comes in a 3 watt or 5 watt version. I spoke with Hadco's tech support group, and they recommended going with the 5 watt version without the warm lens, as they said the warm lens would result in much dimmer output than even the incandescent light. This is model RSC2 HK5 D5 E.

Has anyone used these products? Thoughts on which LED version to go with and why? I'm trying to decide on 3 vs. 5 watt, and warm lens or no warm lens.

I will cross post on the lighting forum. Thanks for input.

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google it.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

We use them all the time.
The LED is much more of a blue light but when it comes with a warm lens it has the warmth of a incandescent.
The LED lasts ALOT longer than a traditional bulb and I almost always spec them in hard to reach or pain in the arse areas.
I'm not completely won over by LED lighting, but I must admit I haven't been keeping up with all the newest trends ( its been over a year since my last lighting workshop and I like to attend at least 2x a year.... the industry and the materials are upgrading and changing at break neck speed )

I usually err on the side of a softer / lower wattage bulb unless the situation really calls for bright light and safety.
Even with the louvers, an LED can create a 'hot spot' of light.
With the warm lens you can cut down on this. From Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe California

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The 2700k is what I went with on hadco lighting kit. If i had the choice I would go with the LED this time around, becasue it lasts much longer for price performance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hadco Lighting Kit

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Once again I agree 100% with deviant denzier, I have been looking at leds for years as landscape lighting, wondering every year when they are going to figure it out. I feel like within the next year or two you'll start seeing adequate solar power leds for a reasonable cost that are efficient.

The cool thing about leds is that they can come in any color, shoot on ebay you can get a 3,5,7,9 watt led socket fit that will change like 20 colors for 10$, not saying you'd want it in the landscape, but sometimes that might be kind of cool. "sports parties, matching pool lights, etc come to mind".

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Bumbing this thread, anybody know of any solar power leds of recent that are hadco/ are of quality?

These seem to be getting really good reviews, and with the cost if you lost 1-2 it would't break the bank. I also think this would be a great way to light up a specimine tree or focal in a really large yard from a distance. Tons of solar products on here.

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I think that the 5watt would be best. Depending on what you are lighting, the warm lens would do wonders. If it has to do with lighting a wide area, go without. but if it is to light a small surface, go with the warm lens.

Here is a link that might be useful: landscape lighting Chicago

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