Help with my patio Gardenias!!!!

CassieheartsrosesJuly 1, 2012

I recently posted "Rehab Gardenias Saved from Home Improvement Chain". I have been working The last couple days on them. I went to take the plants out of the pot and the soil is soaking wet and has not been watered in days. Have I done something wrong? I took them out of their pots and I'm trying to get them to dry. Do I bareroot them? The bark is flaking off and revealing a lot of green all up the trunk. There is a lot of new green and leaves coming through. Please help!

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You already have your answer.
You had a great answer on your other post.
Put the poor plant back in the pot and let it dry out a bit on it's own.
Most gardenias are killed with love.
They are outside plants, hardier than you think
Like Rhododendrums, and azelas.
Treat it like them.
GOod Luck.

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My Gardenia is in the ground almost 10 years old. It is on a drip system and pretty much on its own and ignored. Lately it has more bloom at a time than normal, it was only when other plants on the same watering zone showed signs of distress did I realize it was not getting water. This is an old plant with plenty of roots, but not near as dependent as I thought. Al

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

No. I put my outdoor gardenia through hell and it does pretty good.

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