My potted bell pepper plants are covered in ants. What now?

lorilovespink(6)July 18, 2010

Due to our super hot/sticky/balmy days lately, I've been watering my potted plants every day, sometimes twice. I live in the city, and I usually only grow herbs, which are easily grown in pots on my sunny porch. I never have had a problem, except with the occasional forgetting to water them, and you know how that works out. This year, I am trying my hand at a "patio" tomato plant, which is doing OK so far, and I also have a larger long window box with 4 "big bertha" pepper plants. Yesterday, I went out of town, and forgot to water before I left in the morning. I returned home to find my pepper plants all wilty-looking. Just the leaves, but on one plant, the main stem was leaning way over. I gave them a quick drink and went to bed. This morning I made stakes to hold up the plants. I had to do that with my tomato plant, I was thinking they might be getting heavy. The plants were still wilty a little. I gave them a little more water, jammed the stakes into the dirt behind each plant, and I was tying up the first plant, I noticed ANTS on that stake. Hmmm... I tied up the second, then third, and noticed there were a flurry of ants all around the base of the pot, in & out of the soil, and really all over the place. Just hurrying around like I just kicked over an ant hill. It looked as if they were carrying little white specks. Soon they were all over the plants, and really I am worried they are just eating the plants up, although I see no visible damage other than the wilting, which may be my own fault from not watering yesterday. Any ideas out there what's going on??? I appreciate any feedback! Thanks.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Set a liquid ant bait pack (Terro makes them) next to the pot. It's perfectly safe & will only take a day or so to rid the area of ants.

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