Finally repotted the largest DR into Gritty Mix....

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJuly 12, 2011

Hello Everyone...

I hope all of you are having a great day...

Temps here in VB are going to be a hot one!!!! They are expecting to reach over 100* So when do you think that i would get the nerve to finally repot the last of my four DR'S? LOL...

Yep, today!

I finally got up the nerve to tackle this one. For some reason the other three we easy, but i just dragged my feet about doing this larger DR. Please give me some tips if you think that i should trim off some of the limbs...I have decided to leave them because they add such a special quality, but i would like to hear from you all if i need to take some of them off...

Also i have included some pics of my Plumerias that i placed into other pots to help keep them cool. The temps will really cook some of them especially the ones in black pots sitting on the concrete near the pool.

I wanted to share pics of how i did that because i have seen others on other post asking about some ideas on how to keep containers cool. I did use the white liner. But, i really didnt like the look of it. For a temporay fix it would be fine. These will stay like this for the rest of the summer. AUgust and September can really be hot here in VIrginia.

Some other random pics of some blooms here in June.

Hope u all like the pics..

Take care..

Laura in VB

Before pics of the DR's

After pics...


Stay cool everyone...

Take care!!!

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Here are some better pics of the DR's that i repotted and cut back...

Take care... : )

Laura in VB

Have a great day...Stay Cool!!

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What a beautiful garden! Good for you, getting work done in the heat. For some reason I seem to get motivated on super-hot days, too. But it's only about 70 here today, so I'm looking at your lovely pictures instead of accomplishing something. ;-p

I have to admit though, I don't know what a DR is! Please educate me?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice work, Laura!

Your Desert Roses are looking wonderful.
My little Desert Rose is finally starting to put out some healthy new growth.
For a while, the ends of the leaves were turning brown, so I re-potted into a gritty mix.

The weather has been very nice for the past few days, but the last week it was hot (~100F).
We're enjoying days in the 80F's now, and the plants are much happier.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you Josh as always for the kind comments!!!

Sounds like you all are having the best of the best in temps!!! Lucky Guys!!!

Hi OffbeatJenn,

Like Josh mentioned, A DR is called a "Desert Rose' AKA Adenium. They are related to the Plumeria family, but are known for their "Caudex" or truck that gets so large and unique on each tree! This is want we all try to accomplish, trying to get our plants to have different personalities. Either by training them, repotting them and exposing more of the Caudex or manipulating them into doing something different that will please the eye...

That is why raising these and other trees/plants is so rewarding!!!

My trees love being in the Gritty mix...i woulnd't use anything else now...once you tried it and see how happy it makes your trees and other plants react you too will be will be sold on this great formula!! It truly is a wonderful mix!!! Im very satisfied with this and so glad that i found my way over to this forum to find the right mix for my trees!!!!!!

Thanks Mike!! : )

Good Luck and welcome to the forum if your are a new member!!!

Laura in VB

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