Help With Limestone Walkway

coconut_palm(9B/10A)May 26, 2013

I am considering putting in a limestone walkway around a cabana seating area. I need some advice on what to use as a border and what to use for the base material to hold the limestone rocks in place. Do I need to prep the area by leveling it first and laying down landscape fabric below the base material? Is bend-a-board good for the border? What about using decomposed granite for the base material to set the rocks in? How many times would I need to spray the walkway down with water to get the stones to set properly in the base once I lay the rocks? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You should clarify exactly what you mean by "limestone walkway" ... what are product specs.? What do you mean by "border" ... plants? ... or some type of product? What do you mean by "hold rocks in place"? ... probably self-explanatory after you answer first question. A picture always helps, too.

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