Vining Black Eyed Susans Looking A Bit Beat Down

MLWJRJuly 17, 2014

I have two vining black eyed susands on my roof deck that have been growing and flowering like crazy for quite a while now. Lately though they are starting to look a bit rough. Some of the leaves are very large and turning more yellow, less flowers, etc. Should I be pruning this plant back or something to keep it healthy?

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I think technically thunbergia alata is an annual. It may just be time for the vines to die and you to plant new seeds :)
It should have seeds (or reseeded) amply I would think.

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I grow one every year in Alabama and it lasts until the first hard frost. I feed my plant once every 10 days with liquid blue feed. They bloom so heavily it takes a lot out of the plant. Good luck.

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Thanks. it does bloom very heavily and that is why I love them.. I am going to fertilize them a bit more frequently...

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