New to Site, New House, Ready to Landscape!!! PICS

diggman08May 9, 2010

hey guys, i have been in and out on this site for few weeks now, so decided to start my own thread. recently purchased a new house in Dec. so now starts the exterior work/landscaping. House is block from the Beach on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

As you can see i have brought in lots of dirt, (20 loads to be exact!) just finished up my bulk head last week , which i am very happy with.

Yesterday i got my 2 main palms, i absolutely love them. question is im still unsure what i want to do for the rest of the landscaping around the house. any help or advice would be greatly apprectiated. I am going to attempt to get some pictures on here.





also as you can see the white pvc pipe. once i get my sod im going to cut the of flush and put drain covers on them. I ran drainage along the property so i dont flood out the neigbors, also routed the gutters under ground out the bulk head, and have drain ends coming out the bulk head on each side.

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Ok, photobucket links didnt work, experts give some help here.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

These links should work:

Unfortunately, I'm not an expert, so I can't do more than post the links. The links work only because I use a Firefox add-on (BBCodeXtra) which adds the correct codes; I don't know how to do it otherwise. However, here is GW's explanation (this is a forum without a Gallery):

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ok, thanks for adding the links. hope to get some more replys from fellow members

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

diggman08---on photobucket there is a a box next to one's picture that says "Share this image." Inside that box are a series of this order:

Email and IM
Direct Link
HTML code
IMG code

You want to copy and paste the HTML code. That will allow your picture to show up in thread. Like this:

You have to get the whole thing...including the greater-and-lesser than signs...or it won't work. Witness:
img src="">;

Only thing I'm missing in the above code is the Best of luck!


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Nice job on the placement of the palms, pulled out and away from the house. My only advice would be to continue to use your whole canvas and resist any temptation to snug plants up against the house.

I am not a landscaper, so my advice is worth every penny you're paying for it -- ; ) -- but I can imagine a "pool" of green grass surrounded by deep curving beds filled with ???. Could be any number of approaches to what fills the beds, depends on how much time you like to spend in the garden and whether you like a formal manicured look, or a teeming jungle, or something in between.

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hey thanks catkim, its just all so overwhelming, i have to still put sod down, run lights for the landscaping, figure out where i want to build up the dirt for the landscaping, what kind of mulch, what type of trees,shrubs. argh!!

any suggestions by looking at my pics or maybe some ideas ?
thanks guys

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a quick scetch i did on comp.. tell me what you guys think,

the orange is brick that im going to line the driveway and walkway with,
the brown is where i want to do the landcaping, two circles up front are the big palms, lemme know guys, ireally neeed your opinions.

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karinl(BC Z8)

We have seen these recessed-entryway houses quite often on here lately, and many people are prone to planting in the entry way, which tends to close it off. It looks like you have only planned brick in there, which should give a better impression.

From the fact that you've put beds up against the house it looks like you're set on ignoring the advice you've received so far anyway :-) from Catkim above. I tend to agree that foundation planting is far too often confused with landscaping, and landscaping far too often limited to foundation planting. And speaking for myself, I pretty much die of boredom once the plan goes that route. You've put the palms in the right place, now keep working out there! Some houses on some lots really need foundation planting, but others, like yours, offer scope for something much more original and attractive.


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thanks, i just didnt want to take away from my yard, and the front of my house just seem so plain and boring. i wanted to give it some depth.

like could you give me some examples of what you are saying about pulling it away from the house?? because i dont see anywere else to put anything really.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Well, pardon me for sounding a bit flippant, but I can see the whole rest of your front yard (let's ignore the back for the moment). To illustrate, what if you switched the brown and green colours in your sketch? That makes for a bit too much in the way of beds and too little lawn, but move the line around a bit and maybe you get the idea. Grass at the foundation, as both your neighbours have, which lets the house look crisp and tidy, and garden beds out where the palms are, which allows way more freedom to plant more variety than standard green lumpy things, which is what most people put at their foundation.


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thanks karin, that is a good idea. i guess something like that is just a bold bold move, dunno if im ready to take the chance.

what i had in mind is putting a sago over on the corner by the satellite dish, with two Indian hawthornes around it, now as for from there on over to the walkway i have no clue what to do. Nathez crepe myryle maybe?? now all of this is if i go with the design i drew up, i am still giving yours thought.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

What about the edge of the drainage ditch? Should there be plantings -- or something -- along the wall so people don't fall?

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