Is Tilling the Best Option?

misfitcandyMay 14, 2013

My husband and I just moved into a home that had absolutely no yard work done. We just installed a fence for the back yard. The back yard consists of weeds and dry dirt. The dirt is full of small rocks. We want to grow a lawn and some raised beds for vegetables. Eventually, we will do more gardening. Is tilling the ground the first step for this blank canvass of a yard? Or is there a better method?

Thank you for any advice!

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Don't till up the yard as it will be much wasted effort. (It's great for the vegetable garden, especially if you're incorporating amendments.) Sod will grow on any smooth dirt surface. If you're seeding, scarify (scratch up) the surface so that seed will become imbedded in the soil when sprinkling is applied or when it rains. Be consistent with watering when starting seed or sod.

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what part of the country are you in? "full of small rocks" means something very different in New England vs. Ohio.

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