Cherry Tomato Help, Please!

lilyluvJuly 15, 2011

Container gardening for the first time this year...boy, have I learned a lot, but need your help on the tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are growing in a large 25-30 gallon pot. I planted 3 plants in that pot, which I now know were 1-2 too many. Anyway, I started them in a Miracle Grow potting mix (I know, need one of Al's mixes, but was too late for this year by the time I read about them). I picked 8 of them last night that seemed red enough to pick. On the bottom of ALL of them are one large brown circle about the size of a dime. Not a hole like a bug or worm, just an ugly perfectly round brown circle about the size of a dime. So this morning I checked my still green tomatoes and they have them too. Yikes! Does anyone know what is going on here?

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It's Blossom End Rot. Here's a link to more info...

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato Forum FAQs

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Thanks noinwi! That is it! I read the article, and I probably over-watered thus drained out the calcium. Now for the fix....Has anyone had good results with any of the treatments that are in the article or any other suggestions? This is what the article stated..
"Once the problem develops, quick fixes are difficult. Stabilize the moisture level as much as possible, feeding with manure or compost tea is recommended by many, foliar applications of calcium are of questionable value according to research because of poor absorption and movement to fruit where it is needed but many have reported that foliar application of magnesium (epsom salts) can effect added calcium uptake. Other various suggestions consist of powdered milk, crushed egg shells tea, bone meal tea, Tums tablets, etc. but prevention is the key. Some recommend removing affected fruit from to reduce stress in the plant."

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

What fertilizer are you using?


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Miracle Gro. the blue granule stuff that you put in the jar and hook up to the water hose. Is that bad?

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hi! im basically in the same boat...what i decided to do was put about 5 cups of compost into each bucket. they say make the tea, but in the 5 or so days that takes, the plants roots will start taking up good stuff from the going well...

they say that usually just the first fruit is affected, and i find this to be true. throwing the bad ones is fun =)

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