Trellising Natchez Blackberry

Buckeye85July 9, 2012

I potted a Natchez blackberry plant (a semi-erect variety, apparently) this season in Al's 5-1-1 mix not really expecting much - it was a bit sad-looking when I bought it (definitely an impulse buy - it was heavily discounted), and I was under the impression blackberries are hard to deal with, but it has really taken off, sprawling vigorously in three different directions.

It's in a 3 gallon container right now, and I have no idea how to trellis it in such a way that I'll be able to move it easily (we're doing the apartment thing) next year. Do I need to transplant it again into a larger container? Suggestions on the best trellis type?

I am relatively hopeless with this sort of thing - I have never trellised anything before, and my pruning skills are less than desirable.

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Where I live in Alabama, we have blackberries like yours growing wild like weeds on the sides of roads, on fences, in the woods etc. So I'm pretty sure they're a hardy plant, although I've never personally tried growing them because of their weed-like presence where I am.

Considering how huge I've seen them grow in the ground, I'd recommend putting it in a larger pot if possible.

As for trellising, since you're in an apartment, you may want to do something like cutting a tomato cage in half and placing that half in the pot with the plant, so the curve of the half-cage will fit with the pot and it'll be easy to move around. Then just direct the growth of your plant onto the half-cage.

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