What to do with mess of groundcover

DirtGirlDMay 14, 2012

I need advice on how to address an area in my yard. I have a large walnut tree located 10 feet behind my house. Along the back of the house and under this tree is a huge area filled with hosta, ground cover (snow-on-the-mountain and pachysandra) and tall weeds. It looks like a huge mess! The snow-on-the-mountain is growing through the hosta and invading into the pachysandra as well as the nearby lawn. I�m quite sure the previous owners planted the huge area of ground cover to hide the messy nut droppings.

My first thought was to pull everything out and re-do. But I�ve learned from this forum that snow-on-the-mountain is hard to get rid of. Unfortunately I have so tons of it � so I�m assuming the strongest vegetation killer would harm the tree in the process�? I�ve considered removing the hosta and pachysandra to make a more uniform look. I�ve also considered using some thick weed barrier fabric and using mulch or rocks over it all, or even parts of it.

Any suggestions or input will be very appreciated.

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Using old newspaper cover it work and enough.

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rosiew(8 GA)

I Googled "snow on the mountain how to remove". You've got your work cut out for you, but doesn't sound impossible. Several of the posts recommend Roundup. I don't believe this will have any negative affect on your walnut. Do believe that research is the key to your solution.

HTH, Rosie

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I'd remove anything to be saved and shoot the Aegopodium with Roundup. Applied properly (sprayed to wetting foliage, not to runoff) it will not affect the tree. Don't rush to replant as many weeds, come alive again and need s second hit 2 months later. Sometimes a third.

Groundcovers don't mix well.

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