building a stone retaining wall garden against a wooden fence?

docdubzMay 20, 2011

I am in the process of building a retaining wall garden in the back corner of my yard. The retaining wall will be at some places 3 feet tall, and once complete the soil will be resting against the wooden fence in that corner of my yard. having the soil just rest against my fence would be a horrible idea, it would rot the wood, and the second it starts raining it will all wash out behind the fence. What would be a good and cost effective material to build up against the fence to prevent the soil or runoff water from contacting the fence? I was looking at the 'concrete board' which is used to go under kitchen counters and such, would this do? if not is there a readily available plastic sheeting or something which could be used? or should i just start buying brick and mortar and start building a wall bordering the fence (i would prefer to avoid this if possible).

thanks for any input

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Re-think your plans, because that dirt pile is going to be heavy. You will need to build a masonry (brick or concrete) elevated planter to hold the dirt pile safely.

A retaining wall is used to restrain a natural slope, no make an artificial hill.

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ebeth(z8 FL)

If you have a 6 foot fence, and in places, 3 feet of it will be covered up with dirt, then why don't you take down that section of the fence, put in your retaining wall (you'll need a two sided wall....which becomes an elevated planter) and put an attractive fence on top of it.
Cement backer board might work for a little while, but what happens when the fence needs to be repaired/replaced?
Also, think about what purpose the retaining wall serves. Sounds to me like the potential is there to have a brand new eyesore in your yard. Maybe I'm just not visualizing it properly...

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Let me try to answer your question by asking another one (which is sort of rude, but here goes...)

Why are you adding a retaining wall around the edge of your yard? Do you want to elevate a planting bed so that smallish plants have more height more quickly?

I usually see retaining walls used to make a sloped yard level, I'm having a hard time picturing a retaining wall garden that backs up to a fence. But I'm sure there is a reason to consider building one ...

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