Very inexperienced need help

tali00May 23, 2013

I am a complete novice at gardening and landscaping. I have a 15 x 25 deck that is in need of landscaping.

I did some research and got some ideas but I made a mistake and ordered some plants from a mail order website not paying attention to how small they were going to be.

I am now the proud owner of the following:

5 tiny (3.5" pot) Shenandoah Switch Grass
2 (3 inch pot) petite bee balms
4 (3 inch pot) gentiana true blue
1 really tiny (2.5" pot) lilac

I have all this space around my deck ready for planting and these plants are obviously too small for the space.

What should I do with them? how fast will they grow? Can they be moved later? Should I fill the space with something temporary (annuals) or buy more mature shrubs and perennials?

Please help!!!

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Find someplace to grow the small plants where you can observe and learn what they are capable of. Then get some plants locally for around the deck. Incorporate as many annuals as you wish. Or do all annuals if that's your preference. You'll learn something about annuals or landscaping or both.

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You can plant them in their eventual permanent position and fill in with annuals but make sure they don't get smothered out by annuals. You can pot them up and keep them watered over the summer and plant them in early fall. You can make an in ground nursery bed for small plants and tend them there. These plants should all be transplantable during spring or fall. I have read that grasses do much better transplanted in spring but am not sure myself. I find ornamental grasses take a while to get established but one they do, you have a substantial chunk of grass to deal with from then on out!

Bee balm can spread quite a bit by underground runners.

If you have a lot of space you'd like to fill in with some color, I'd use some easy annuals from seed (zinnia, cosmos, marigold, sunflowers for example). You should still be able to plant seeds of these directly in the ground for flowers this summer.

In the mean time, take time to look at desirable plants in other yards and note especially how they change throughout the season. Any garden tours in your area? Great way to get planting ideas and info.

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