using siphon w a drip system?

mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)July 1, 2012

I have hozon siphon from years ago (paperwork long gone of course)and a cheep drip system. Would it work to put the siphon inline to pick up weak feeding solution? I seem to recall that siphons work best at full flow so am wondering if it would work with the reduced rate/pressure of the drip system. Anyone done this or have insights? I can easily keep mixing and watering manually but want to put in the drip system on timer for my brugs anyway.

thanks for any input.


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It probably won't have enough flow to work. That was my experience with those and drip irrigation. I used to use one with about 2000 feet to T-tape, and it had enough flow volume to pick up the fertilizer when the lines were filling, but once the system got up to pressure and was just dripping even that wasn't enough flow to make it siphon. My solution to that issue was to mix the concentrate really, really strong, and it would take up a fair amount, several gallons, and then dilute it out with a couple of hours of watering. But I wouldn't advise trying that on potted plants, I was doing this in a large vegetable garden on field soil.

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The only place my hozon does not work is one garden where the header line is on the downhill end of the garden. Pushing the water uphill makes too much back pressure. The length of the row does not seem to matter. I can run eight 300' rows just fine on flat ground with the hozon. But four 125' rows will not siphon at all going up a gentle slope. fwiw, my EZ-Flow won't work worth a darn on that garden, either.

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