Using top soil in container experiment.

TheMasterGardener1(5B)July 22, 2012

A few notes so far:

-The topsoil is clay/sand but darker in color.

-I found the soilless mix performs much better then topsoil for obvious reasons.

-I found the 5-1-1 to be one of the top performers in all the mixes I have used.

-The peppers in the native topsoil seem to be thciker walled and stronger in texture. The plant in the soilless mix have more fruit but softer in texture.

- I have not had much pod drop so I will see how it goes.

I will keep it updated.

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I see some of the pod stems are are not strong and do fall off so I do not know how it will go.

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What time does the sun first hit your plants and how many hours of sun do they get?

Also, what is the average temperature there (zone 5b?).

Looks like your soil plant could use more fertilizer.


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The second pic is the same two plants about a month later.

lol this is my soilless plant!! :)

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I must note: The plant above is from a larger plant in the beginning of the year. I do have some cayenne that I got in 4 packs (which I used in the topsoil mix here) in potting mix and the results are a little better then the top soil, only by a little.

Here in an update on the two plant in the shallow planter filled with topsoil from my garden.

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Another note: These plants still have a little more pod drop and are growing slower then the ones that started the same size in potting mix.

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