I have the design, Where do I start?

landscape_fanMay 25, 2013

Hi Everbody! I have a new house with no landscaping at all. I have a design picked out but am unsure where to start. Would I build the extended paver patio first?? I'm very new to this and am wanting to do it myself. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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YES, hardscape first, always!!! THat means put in your patios, then form your grass pad and then put plants in.

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Poco Verde?

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First, do a review of the grading and drainage. Will grade adjustment be needed for the patio and planting areas? Is there a proper slope away from the house foundation? Account for every drop of rain that will fall on the property and a down slope in grade along a route to where it can exit the lot. Also search for anywhere water is coming onto your lot from adjoining property and account for it too. Will any new hardscape block the surface flow of water? Do a plan showing any needed changes.

Second, plan for any possibly wanted future extensions of utilities; water, electric, and gas. A pond/water feature? Outdoor kitchen? Pergola with lights? Get the idea? Find where the utilities would exit the house and bury plastic pipes from the house to any and all likely places the utilities might be wanted. Later, the utilities can be run through the pipes without digging up the entire route to where wanted. Pay especial attention to this under hardscaping.

Third, start construction with any rough grading needed and install any underground piping/drainage.

Fourth, Begin hardscape installation taking care not to block access to a far part of the project where possible. Like doing some floor projects, you work back toward a door. Complete the final grading allowing for sod and special soil mixes for planting areas.

Fifth, I prefer doing plant areas next if they include trees or large plants that need equipment to get them set. Finish with lawn and small plants.

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