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margielewisMay 30, 2012

Hi I already posted in the gallery section but being new, wasn't sure if that was the best place for my post. I need some advice/suggestions for a backyard layout. I posted some pictures in the gallery section. I would appreciate any help.

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You could post pics here. a panoramic shot is do it:
first upload photo to any photo-hosting site.Photobucket and Flickr are examples . While at that photo on the site,
look for a link to "share." Then look for a way of obtaining "html code" (don't select the thumbnail version.)
Copy that code and paste it directly into your message here.
You should tell me that sun light time(or where face?) and climate and soil,or local name.(if have,include drainage irrigation problem).

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Thank you for any responses. I figured out photobucket and think I have the html code for my photos right so here they are below.The first picture is of my back yard which is approximately 73 ft long x35 ft wide, give or take a few feet at the very back which is narrower. I plan on adding a deck like the one in the picture below so it will reduce my yard size to about 57 ft x 28 ft. The second photo is the diagram I drew.I also suck at using any of the online landcape programs so please excuse the mess in my diagram - I really wish I could use those programs and would love to see my diagram done correctly lol. My house is located on the North side of the city and from the front to back runs north as well. The sun comes up on the back of my house about 5:30 a.m. and sets on the front of my house about 9 p.m. I live in Newfoundland and think my Zone is 4b. Winter is very unpredictable. Sometimes we have 15 ft of snow and other years none. There may be a snowcover before heavy frost but often not. There will often be mild periods during the winter which lead to freezing and thawing. Spring is a time of indecision; in fact, there is no spring as we go right from winter to summer weather.Summer is fairly cool with warm days and cool nights. The temperatures are low usually with a high being around 20 to 25 degrees C and there is a constant wind. Autumn is often wet. Plants need to be hardy that's for sure. I also live by the ocean if that maters. I have no idea about soil ph but most of the island has soil which is quite shallow, stony, and acidic. The land running along the fence in my back yard is usually wet as it seems like a drain ditch. The soil closest to the back of the house is rocky. I would love to see a seating area, fire pit, arbour and a water feature in my back yard as well as a stone path. I have a grandchild so I would also like to be sure he is safe and has a little room for playing. I hope this is enough information. As you can see I really need help.

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I try to add a fire pit,a patio and some plants.

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Thanks. I can totally see something like that. I didn't even think of trees!

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Hardscape comes first so I'd get any issues related to that finished before thinking about any planting. In regards to the gazebo-like portion of your deck, the perspective drawing and the plan drawing are showing disparate schemes. The plan drawing makes more sense, but it would be better if you carry through with the octagonal theme rather than only half-way. If half-way is an attempt to make an artistic statement, I think it needs more work. I like the way the octagon punches out at the corner and extends the deck. I'd consider clipping the opposite outside corner of the deck in an attempt to strengthen the theme. My other complaint about the deck is the long run of steps. It would be better to break it in half with a landing. It wouldn't just make it look better, but it would be safer, too. Below is an illustration of one possible way to break up the steps, but playing with it could generate more ideas.

(A tip on drawing in the future: it would be easier to read your drawing if you square the house with the paper and have all the labels oriented in the same direction. Let the walks/drives/streets/north arrow be at angles instead of the house.)

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