3 cherry tomatoes and 11 cucumbers later ..

tnkrerJuly 22, 2012

The planter looks like this ..

Pickling Cucumbers have taken over the planter. I need to find ways to reduce the leaves on those cucumber plants. Its shading everything. Peppers are not doing well. Only one fruit set in on the green pepper. (not enough sun for those). about 50-80 tomatoes on the roma plant (determinate). (still small though, probably will need another 3 weeks to ripen. Cherry tomato has about 40 on it. (indeterminate) .. but they are not ripe either. Eggplant has nice fruit on it. (not ready to be picked either ..) herbs are doing great and keeping pace with what we use

So all in all, I am extremely happy with how this first time gardening turned out. Thanks to those that have directly answered my questions and raybo and tapla for the knowledge they have shared on these forums

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Great job! I was looking forward to seeing an update on your garden.

The best way to get a handle on spacing is through experimentation...now you know what to do for next season. Everything looks very healthy despite the crowding. If you want, you could always prune off some of the cucumber vines...you will lose out on the production a bit, but it will open up some space for everything else in there.

If the cukes aren't producing yet, you may want to hand pollinate them.

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Thanks howelbama! We did not know how well the cukes grow! At the begining there were very few flowers on cucumber and no bees, so I hand pollinated those. Now there are ton of flowers and 2-3 bees on the plants all the time. So I think they are doing their job. I still lose 1 our of 10 cucumbers due to not being pollinated, but finding all the cukes in all those leaves wasn't worth it for that one cucumber .. so I have stopped hand pollinating. And cukes are the star producers of my garden. We are getting 5-6 cukes every week.

Next year, I am going to make 4 earth-tainers in addition to this big planter. Mostly same vegetables, (no roma tomato though, only cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes) just more numbers to be actually useful as regular produce for the household.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Yeah, I find planting multiple cherry tomato plants is the best way to go to get a useful harvest. I have 12 total this year, and I have been harvesting a couple of pounds daily. My friends and neighbors are getting tired of them lol...

If you're a fan of cherry tomatoes, give sungolds a try. They are a yellow variety, very sweet. One of my favorites. Husky red and sweet 100's are also good performers for me as well.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

could you let your strings down and let the cucumbers grow down and away from the container? that could get some of those vines out of the way...

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Thanks Sandy .. I am doing that as the vines reach the top. Also I have aggressively pruned three cucumber plants now to get the basil/eggplant and the cherry tomato out of the shade. I had to cut off a few leaves in addition to removing suckers to remove the shade. I suspect it will hurt the plant, I will wait and see how the plant handles it.
I kept 3 plants untouched, If the three that I pruned continue to do well, I will prune the other three in 2 weeks.

The cherry tomato is husky red. How many tomatoes can be expected from that plant? It is 5 ft tall now (still growing) and after every 3-4 branches, there is "fruit branch" and every fruit branch has between 5-15 tomatoes on it. But they are taking a very looooooong time to become red. Compared to cukes that grow from cuke flower to a huge cuke in a week or so.

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howelbama(7 NJ)


Given good sun and nutrients etc... You'll probably get a couple hundred cherry tomatoes out of it or more. It's hard to say exact numbers, but mine are usually pretty prolific producers, and they keep going right up to frost barring any major disease or pest problems.

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