boxwood question

jtruax3(5A)May 3, 2010

Hi I was wondering if green velvet boxwood and green mountain look the same as they mature or go thru the season change? If not Im in trouble,I was starting my hedges along the sidewalk and I bought a few velvet green and a few green mountain.I didnt realize this bc they were all together and I grabbed the biggest ones until I finished putting them all in and started taking the tags off is when I realized it!!!

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Green Velvet is more likely to bronze out during the winter and is a little bit less hardy in cooler climates like yours. It is also has a more rounded habit while Green Mountain tends towards a columnar shape as it matures.

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I have 2 column like green mountains next to my green velvet hedge and the leaves do look the same. They got new leaves in April all at the same time---and are the same in color. My mountains are pruned to a triangular shape, but I've read that they naturally grow that way while the velvets are more mounded. That might be your only issue...

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Ok,Im wondering since I planted them a foot and a half apart,maybe as they grow taller that they could still fill into the square hedge as I trim them? I just really am worried that by the time I can see which one is the mountain green that I wont be able to return them.I can see that a few are not as perked up as the rest and I think those might be the mountain greens??

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