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daraemkarMay 12, 2014

Hey guys, I just got stationed in Arizona and I'm looking to make my backyard a bit nicer. The ground is VERY hard/sandy and I'm not looking to plant things since I'm away a lot.

I like the idea of using stones/bricks to create sections and then fill with nice rocks. I also plan to put a fire pit with some furniture but as the first picture shows I have a decent slope heading towards the wall. It's not huge but it does make sitting in a chair somewhat awkward. I'm not sure how to fix that with the ground being how it is and since I'm on a military base I can only do so much for renovations.

I'm brand new to this sort of thing so any advice would be appreciated! My wife and I would just like a backyard we actually enjoy being in.

let me know if you guys need pictures from any other angles.

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Different angle.

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