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kevin253May 18, 2013

Not sure if you can tell by the photo but just took an above the ground pool out.. :) In the space I plan to put in raised beds to grow mostly veggies. any suggestions on layout? for reference the fence at the top of the photo is north. I plan on creating a walkway off the deck in the crotch (can i say that here??) of the angles where the deck comes together, with a planter to the north of the steps. Maybe another question: the width of the raised beds will be about 40-48 inches with access to both sides. I know this is wide but think It will work, will be building out of true 2x12 cedar

Any thoughts?

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Crotch is not a dirty word. It's a lovely word that horticulturalists know well and you can say it here.

Don't quite get the layout scheme with steps and raised beds that you're going for. Why not scratch out a simple sketch that you can post to give the idea better. Also, why raised beds? Why not just plant at ground level? Vegetables seem easier in straight lines and square/rectangular spaces, but there are no laws about this. Enjoy one of your last freedoms!

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Raised beds for veggies in western WA are a huge boon - both because the indigenous soil can be kind of iffy and because it is very slow to warm up in spring, Raised beds provide a head start over inground planting, as they warm up much faster and earlier and stay warm later in the season. Besides, in a small backyard like the OP's, raised beds can define and add to the aesthetic and offer protection to emerging or delicate plants, while still providing an area of lawn for kid's play, pets, entertaining, etc.

Are you straightening out the curve in the deck left by the pool? I would think that if you did that, you could configure a right angled raised bed in that space. I would also give it some height, so that it rose at least 18" above deck level. In fact, if you are good at carpentry at all, I'd consider incorporating the raised beds as a feature of the deck, including a bench or seating along the deck side.

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