drawf blueberry bush.

Suzy11July 27, 2014

Hi Remember me? I was wondering can you use a water globe when you are not home with a blueberry bush? How about a self watering pot? Are they very suseptable to root rot? When repotting, it was recomended that I use a 16 or more in. pot. My bush is in 10 in now. Should I go to 12 and work my way up or just use 18? I bought 18 but maybe can return it. A nursey person here told me that if the pot is to large the plant will get to much oxogen and not minerals.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

With blueberries using too large a pot is usually not much of an issue. With other plants it can be, and should not be done. It's Ok with blueberries.
No, they don't like to be wet, like it very moist all the time, root rot though is rare in blueberries. Still best to dry out between watering, not super dry, just dry. But for a week while on vacation the plant should be fine. I myself hire the local teenager who cuts grass to water my plants.

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Super! You gave me great advice. Thanks very much! Huge help

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