Ideas for screening tricky driveway area?

cmac1May 9, 2010

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone in the forum might have any suggestions on what to plant along my driveway in New England. (I have a photo but cant figure out how to upload it) We wanted to plant one or two small scale shrubs/trees at the corner of the garage (maybe more arborviate), then an arbor, then more shrubs/trees. Ideally, we really need some privacy from the street. The issue that is stumping me is that there is a big oak tree a few feet back from the pavement at the end of the screening line, which is why the previous owners never continued the screen, so the shade and roots make it tricky to have something big thrive there, plus there is only about 4' from driveway to trunk of oak tree, so not much depth. We can't do a fence as the house is really long and a fence will only make it look longer, I was thinking about a grouping of descending height evergreens, but am wondering if that will look weird with an arbor in the middle. Any ideas on what to do or suggestions on smaller scale/narrow screening shrubs that would do ok in dense shade on one end and sun at the other, would be most appreciated!

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Shrubs in planters.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

These are the site's instructions on how to post a photo (I've never done it, so I can't tell you how):

When you go to "Preview Message," your photo should show up (if you posted the photo itself) or your link should show up (if you posted a link to the photo). If the photo doesn't show up or the link isn't good (click on it to see), then you'll have to go back and try again. Good luck.

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