can I save abused palm tree

xxx1angel3xxx(8)July 9, 2009

I am now re potting a palm tree that someone who shall remain nameless got the bright idea of using ash from a fire pit as the medium to grow it in I will completely bare root them in to a good mix is there anything else that can be done to reverse the damage done they are slightly yellow



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not really. clearly the growing media was a major problem so replacing it is a very good idea.

After that I would take a more or less hands off approach. It will likely survive, but of course it may be too far gone and die.

Paying lots of attention to a plant in trouble typically leads to over diagnosing every little change and thus overcompensating.

The plant *wants* to live. Replace the foul growing media (the primary problem) with a good one, provide adequate water and once you see signs of new growth and the roots firming the plant's position/stability in the mix, some nutrients.

If you do this without over responding to the plant it's life will be to your credit and if it dies, it won't be your fault.

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thanks jag you said just what I needed to hear don't over do it which I have done in the past. the best thing to do is just wait and see. it's up to the tree now to live I did what I could. if and when it shows new growth I will post back here and if you don't mind we'll talk about what the next step should be but, they look pretty awful so the odds are they will die.
thanks again
your friend

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it's up to the tree now to live I did what I could.

100% right. they look pretty awful so the odds are they will die.

Don't be so sure. The will to live is pretty strong and as long as you are able to resist the very natural and understandable urge to over diagnose and over react they may well recover and become beautiful trees.

If they don't, it's not your fault. If they do, it's to your credit.

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thanks for the words of encouragement jag. I hope they will make it. I think it's great that the best thing I can do is nothing because the person that did this to them is one of those who think if a plant is sick throwing fertilizer at will fix it and water as much as you can. I'm trying to show them that too much of anything is bad and that balance is the key.
Ironically they are an excellent cook I mean the best and told me the same thing about spice and herbs.
funny huh ......
your friend

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shanielynn(9, Englewood FL)

We have a bismarck palm in the front yard that 'refuses' to give up. It has been almost a year since a hurricane tried to pull it completely out of the ground right after transplant, but she's still hanging on. The leaves don't open completely but the stalk keeps producing. IOW, don't give up! Best wishes, Shannon

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They act like they will make it. it's been less than a week in there new home and they have put up some new green shoots (there a fan type palm) YES !!!!
I have a new question, can I prune some of the dead looking limbs or should I wait for a couple more shoots to come out or should I not prune them at all

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As a rule if it looks dead, it is or may as well be. Leaves are able to withstand a remarkable amount of damage while retaining the ability to contribute to the overall photosynthesis effort, but there are limits. If it looks mostly brown and crispy, it isn't benefiting the plant any longer.

I am not familiar enough with palms to say if this applies to them as well, but with most plants, pruning off branches/leaves stimulates the production of more, newer, healthier growth.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Down here in south Texas they transport large palms bare root with no fronds at all and they grow back. When there is a hurricane and the palms fall over, they cut off all the fronds and upright them. It takes a while, but they grow back. The most important thing about trimming a palm is not to damage the trunk. Leave a little of the stem that matches the other old stems that surround the trunk and it should come back.

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shanielynn(9, Englewood FL)

As long as (most) palms have a green (or in my case: greyish) looking stalk that continues to thrive, do not give up, they won't either!

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i dont no the name of the palm but they are about 6 to 10 feet tall and they are grouped together 2 or 3 at the base and very common here. one of the trunks lost the palm leafs and had this goo in the center. now thers just the trunk with these green berrys sticking out the side of the there any thing i can do to revive it. my other question is i have a small dog that pees on these palms is this what may have killed it

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