chilliwin(EU DK 7)July 13, 2013

Should I change the water and add fertilizer! I did not plan to grow like this.

I was out of stock of containers so just I used two plastic baskets. One of them has a lot of holes, I used it for screening pine bark fine before. Now these two baskets are functioned like a type of self-watering system. The soil is well-drain so all the excess water remain to the second basket. The roots started to grow in the water without any damage. The plant is ildi Cherry Tomato this is my first time growing tomatoes. The strings are for "Florida Weave" :-) Thank you Teyo, it works so good.

Should I call it "Semi-hydroponics"! one plant but two types of roots one for the soil and another for the water :-).

Just I am sharing this experience with you and any advice to give the plants some benefit are welcome.


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Hi, Caelian,
I have SIPs (sub-irrigated planters), and have learned that the roots of whatever plants I have growing in them eventually reach the water reservoir, and grow just fine in the water. I have read that they are "water roots" and are healthy unless you let the water dry out, and then they die.

I didn't expect it, but I guess its normal. Attached photo shows my summer squash. Their roots are in the water too.

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I wonder why sometimes messages post twice. I edited the copy to this wonderful gem of wisdom.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Hi Gjshwawk,
Your summer squash look very healthy and nice. I won't allow to dry the water and would like to add some liquid fertilizer.

Thank you for sharing.

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