Shade - north facing front yard design

glakessubMay 14, 2012

Hi All .. I am in zone 6, new to gardening and have moved into a new house . I have read the forums about different types of flowering/ornamental plants but unsure about what I want to do. I need your help designing around mostly perennials and may be a few annuals. I have mostly shade since I have a north facing front yard

We have planted a row of winter gem boxwood interspersed with some lilies and bulbs of calla lilies. I also have a small water pond behind that row (no water plants there yet).

I was thinking of having columnar bushes (may be pencil yew) close to the window that will be taller than boxwood and then have a japanese maple,hydrangea or azalea to the left of the window. A relative has told us that she will us a few hostas and may be a small Japanese maple plant. may be the hostas can go in front of the columnar bushes

Please help !

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Sorry,I change the frame to soft some hard line.

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Thanks. I am hoping someone can suggest plant configurations for existing frame

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I'd take out the border and remove the water feature right off. It's scaled all wrong.

The floating nature of the bay window should be concealed, not emphasized. Some largish, rounded shrubs should go under the window on the left. In front you can put some lower perennials or a groundcover. The evergreens by the door should go. They are too short now to look good, and when they are tall enough, they will be too wide.

Between the sidewalk and the wall, you could do a low evergreen (lavender, if you want blooms...) or train something very well-behaved like clematis or a rose against the wall.

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You have two threads working against each other with the same subject and content. I'd kill one by declaring it dead and put all your focus in the other one.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I am going to use the other discussion and kill this one.

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Widen the step and the sidewalk to be as wide as the entry ... whatever else you do.

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