HAVE: Hoya Rubra

plantman71(7b/8a)September 12, 2013

I have several rooted trades of Hoya Rubra. Looking for plants for tropical garden in 7b/8a.

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Hey Plantman,
I love my hoyas, but they are all the same, cloned from one variegated carnosa. I have them all over the place in various stages of cuttings, small pots, etc, etc. The reason I have so many is that they are one of the only kinds of plants that thrive in my area, Tampa Bay. It gets too hot and it's often dry, most people think of it as tropical but it's not unless it rains every day! I would really like a Rubra.
I have an interesting plant you might want to trade for...it's an Epiphyllum oxypetalum. Very odd plant, quite the head scratcher and eye popper. It is not the normal "night blooming cereus", which it appears to look "like" if you haven't seen both plants. It's a fragrant night bloomer, in fact the "mother" plant just bloomed huge blooms, probably 30 or more, take one or two inside and the whole house smells of it. The neighborhood smells of it! It roots via cutting so easy that just a piece of a "leaf" will grow roots and get going, sending out long shoots which look like they are budding off. Roots in water or soil. This plant came from a botanical garden in SC that was around a hundred years old when I got the cutting from it. I have these from fresh cut to just rooted to too big to ship.

I'd only be interested in a cutting or two of the Rubra that I can get going like the others. (have other stuff.....can get some tropicals if you have a list..)
Tom Clark in St. Pete

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