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LivinTheHylifeJuly 19, 2013

Last year I purchased two seedling lemon trees, along with two seedling orange trees. The orange trees are flourishing very well. The lemon trees, on the other hand, had some issues. A few months back they started to grow thorns and lost their leaves. One of the trees lost all its leaves and died. The other, pictured here, made a recovery. However, I am concerned by the placement of its lower branches. These branches grew after its recovery and I am concerned that they may be too low (like "suckers"). Should I leave them be or are they just sapping energy from the main trunk?

Also, would it be possible to use rooting hormone on one of these branches in order to replace the tree that was lost?

Thanks for your advice!

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Here's another picture (pardon the quality) showing the base of the tree.

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Commercially, lemon tree seedlings, that is lemon trees started from seeds, are not usually sold. Seedlings intended for rootstock, may be available, sold with the intention of being grafted with the scion of a named variety. So where did you acquire your seedlings? Al

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Thank you for the comment; I must correct myself: the trees weren't seedlings, but were rather grown from cuttings. A description of the seller (Larry's Orchids & Tropicals):

"This patio meyer lemon tree is from a cutting and has a well formed root system and is actively growing in a 3-inch pot in a peat/soil growing mix and is 6-8 inches tall. Upon arrival in your home, it will need to be repotted into a gallon container with drainage holes, using either cactus or well draining standard houseplant potting mix."

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I don't see a problem with the low branching, unless you are planning on a lollipop shaped tree. Growing from cuttings you have no separate rootstock and these branches will produce the same fruit as the rest of the tree. Please let us know when your tree flowers and produces the first fruit. Al

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