Rhubarb Bolted?!?!?!

mike50(z7)April 17, 2012

I planted three rhubarb plants last year. They were all doing well (especially the one 3 ft. away from the clothes dryer vent, 2X as big). One plant has gone to seed and was wondering what caused this and the ramifications. Just proceed with normal growing, fertilizing, etc.? I hadn't planned on doing any actual harvesting until next year

Thanks for any advice.

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I've never had my Rhubarb bolt in the more than 10 years it has been in the ground.

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I have had or been around Rhubarb my entire life, over fifty years and for it not to go to seed is an oddity.

It is simply a process of the plants life.
Pull the seed stalk out, at the BASE and do not worry about it.
I use mine all the way into the fall until the stalks naturally collapse.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Just normal behavior, depending on the variety. Rather than pull the stalk I cut it off as close to the base as possible. You can do it as soon as you see the flower pod begin to form you don't have to wait for it to bloom.


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I get a lot of bolting and early, like already. I think the climate is warmer than ideal here for rhubarb.

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