Juniper Difference

aloha2009May 18, 2012

Are we splitting hairs (or needles) when trying to decide whether to use Blue Chip or Blue Rug Juniper? I think we had blue chip many, moons ago but I can't remember for absolute since I was just getting into gardening. It would be nice to compare full grown plants but I'm not sure what I'm looking at.

Do one of these look nicer then the other? Do one of them "green" up sooner then the other? We liked the coloring of the Buffalo juniper but it seemed to have too much "presence" for what we are after...something to fill the area but not detract from the other plantings.

We've googled the images but it's still hard to tell.

Do you have a preference and why?

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I always need many times to match a yard with plants.I add Blue Chip or Blue Rug Juniper or Buffalo juniper or other shrub on a panoramic shot,compare different effects,select my on.

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karinl(BC Z8)

The best place for this question would be the conifer forum.

Karin L

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Seems to me, Aloha, given that the "finish" is roughly the same for both plants, it is the height difference that would determine your selection: 6" vs. 12". 'Blue Rug' is lower.

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Haven't grown these, but with juniper, likely, Blue Rug will grow wider slower, too...

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