Rectangular and/or shallow Cloth/Aeration Containers options?

KristenHPJuly 13, 2014

Does anyone know of any sources for rectangular cloth/aeration containers (like rectangular smartpots)

I have Earthboxes and a few smart pots out on my 2nd floor apartment porch. The porch itself is a wrap-around, about 36" wide and 8' on the short side and about 12' on the long side. I currently have 5 Earthboxes and 3 15 gallon SmartPots.

I would like to add more containers. I would prefer cloth because they're easier to store, clean and less expensive. However, the smartpots are big and the circular shape means they don't line up as neatly as the Eartboxes and they're a bit obtrusive.

Does anyone make any sort of cloth or aeration container that is a rectangular box shape (with or without a frame)? I've seen some but they're large squares and would not physically fit into the space I have. I cannot put up any vertical, hanging or pouch planters.

I need to keep things neat and orderly for my husband's sanity. ;) He doesn't care how many containers I have so long as everything is nice and neat. His level of caring is also gradually decreasing as the amount of vegetables on his plate increases, so maybe in a year or two I'll have him completely enthused about a container amazon on the porch, but for right now, I need to keep things very neat!

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A rectangular cloth pot isn't going to stay rectangular after you fill it with soil without some kind of frame. It's going to poof out & try to be a circle.

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