HAVE: Way too many cannas!

johnsaunt(7)September 29, 2013

I won't be ready to trade until we have a frost here in Northern Virginia, but I will have a lot of cannas to trade. I'd like to set up a trade for cannas in a different color.

The ones I'm offering are in the orange/salmon/peach range of colors, with green leaves.

I'm looking for cannas that are red or yellow or have interesting foliage.

Thanks, Ginny

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Hi Ginny, tell me about it! They've been multiplying bunches! I have a lot of red blooming ones , was suppose to be "The President" only a bit smaller but still large and bright, plus have unusual ones- "Bengal Tiger"-variagated leaves and orange flowers, let me know if we can trade some, thanks.

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I have cannas that green with red lining on the outside but I don't know what color they bloom. I also have one that has red leaves. I have included a picture.

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Hi! I have red cannas

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I too have WAY too many Cannas. I only have red, and they have made it up to about 7ft. Let me know if you are interested in a swap, I would love to mix the color up!

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It may be my browser, but the cannas in these pictures look more orange than red.

What I'm looking for is fire-engine red or burgundy. Nothing with any orange tones. They're going to be planted near some dark red hardy hibiscus plants and the orange tones of mine clashed, so I thought a real red would look better.

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I have Canna true red , larger heads and semi-dwarf, would like your Iris -Flave something, if interested, please let me know.

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I have yellow cannas, interested in any other colors.

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I am so sorry, but I've changed my garden plan!

Please don't reply to this thread and I'll get in touch with the folks who have already responded.


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