Small yard under a huge tree

dachshunds3May 16, 2013

Son and DIL just moved into an older home with a very small yard under a huge sweet gum tree. The tree has to stay (until they can afford to cut it down), but in the meantime, does anyone have suggestions for improving the front yard? Mulch? Different plants under the window? The less grass, the better as they have a hard time getting it to look good. Whatever you think. I'm open to all ideas. Thanks very much.

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Here's another picture

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Could you perhaps back up and show the entire house and surroundings?
It is very difficult to get a feel for the place when we only see a portion of it.

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Some suggestions (for the limited view) ...

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Here's a better view.

We are going to their house in a couple days to help, and I think we can manage to do everything you suggested.
Any ideas for the mailbox or other things that you can think of?

Thanks again.

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