Help! Amend Garden Soil For Containers

smewoo(9)July 18, 2013

To start off this is my first time growing veggies in containers. I used to have a big yard where we were growing in the ground, but our house burned down so we had to move. Now I can only grow in containers.

I asked my husband to pick up some dirt for me yesterday and he came home with 5 big bags of Miracle-Groî Organic Choiceî Garden Soil. I of course didn't think and filled up my starter pots and planted some seeds in this stuff.

My first question is will these plants I just started in this stuff be ok? The starter pots I am using are only about 2" wide by 2" deep and obviously will be transplanted into much bigger pots. I will transplant them into soil more suitable for containers.

My second question is how can I amend this soil to be of use in containers? Just add perlite and peat moss? How much should I add?

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Can you return them and get some kind of potting mix?

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I suppose I could with the bags I haven't opened yet. But how can I fix the rest?

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do not use this soil for containers. There are many threads here regarding free-draining mixes. Read them. At the least...get a commercial potting mix. Do NOT get MiracleGro Moisture Control. It makes a mucky mess in a pot. You can amend the potting soil with perlite or small-sized bark. A "cactus mix" is good because it is free-draining plus!

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Yeah peat and perlite. I would use 1/3 of each. That garden soil is awesome stuff, just not for pots. It has a lot of compost in it too. I used it for my raised beds and they drain great. I mixed 1/3 peat and 1/3 compost with it, and no drainage problems. It truth, it drains a little too fast!
The peat will really help. My plants are growing like gang busters in that mix! Here's a strawberry bed with a blueberry in the middle. Awesome product All plants planted this spring.

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