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nileyMay 10, 2010

So we have been in our house for 7 years now and we've pretty much done everything possible inside and a lot outside. The one thing we haven't done much with is the shrubs in front of the house.

When I look at the shrubs it just screams late 70's landscaping. Large Junipers, leggy shrubs, and just not very pretty. I don't have fresh mulch down yet, so it does look a little worse than normal, but I think you get the idea.

I really need some help coming up with ideas of what change, what to leave, and what to rip out.

Here are my main goals.

Update the look

Simple maintenance

Leave the tree on the left side

and not have to spend a fortune.

Any thoughts or ideas would be great. See pictures below.

From Outside From Outside From Outside From Outside From Outside

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Well, I'm not a designer at all, but since your only response so far appears to be spam....

First, how much sun does this area get? It looks pretty shady. You'll need to pay attention to sun exposure to avoid leggy growth in any new plantings.

Second, where do you live? Climate will make a big difference in plant choices.

Again, I'm not a designer by any means, but if it were me, I would go for mostly low growing shrubs to replace what you have, since you're looking for simple maintenance. You could also use some low-maintenance perennials or ground covers.

I would get rid of the juniper, as it will get huge. The bushes by the tree look like burning bush to me, which in this area also gets huge - much too big for in front of windows. If that's what they are, I would remove them as well.

What kind of tree is it? You will probably want to consider the possibility of flowers in spring/summer, fall color, and winter structure/color as well. I'm sure some of the other folks here will have some great ideas!

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Identify the plants by species and variety, and find out how big they are going to get. Kill them now if they will need regular pruning.

That juniper might or might not be a low-growing species. they are slow growing and once a year pruning might be enough.

Unify the look by removing the two shrubs to the left and replacing them with some juniper to match the ones on the right.

Remove the "tree circle" of stones and run the lawn right to the tree, OR enlarge the bed considerably. It looks awkward to have that teensy circle around such a tall tree.

Spring bulbs and summer perennials (daylilies?) would add color and little work. Painting the porch chairs would add instant color.

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

To save on money, this is what I'd suggest:
take the tree from the middle (in pic 2), place it in front of the left corner, take the right shrub (still pic 2), and move it next to the shrub under the left window. I'd then move the low growing junipers from the right side of the house to the left side. This will give you a 'tall, medium, short' planting on the right side, which will draw your eye to the door. Fill in with ferns, liriope, and other shade loving plants that you love that grow in your area, and perhaps will give you some color.

The right side could be a real show stopper with a collection of dwarf conifers.

The bed around the tree in the middle I'm not crazy about, and would probably take that bed out completely.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I love daylilies, but they need a fair amount of sun: ideally 6 hours, though I have some that are happy in much less (however, the sun they do get is noon sun). If the area doesn't get enough sun for them, they won't bloom....

You can visit the Gardening in Shade forum for plant ideas and photos.

I'd extend the bed on the right out beyond the corner of the house, adding a tall evergreen at the corner. If there's room on the other side, you could add a similar evergreen there also.

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