Looking for small shade tree

mlzellers(6)May 21, 2010

Could some one recommend a tree that doesn't get more the 12-16 foot and would be alright up close to my house. I have a small yard and I would like to make a little sitting area. Only problem is I get FULL sun all day long. I really don't want an umbrella or build a roof. I will post more details tomorrow with a picture of the area if needed.


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There are lots of trees that get that size,but I don't think you should put any tree up against the house. Trees have roots and you'd be inviting foundation problems. Besides trees don't come fully grown and it will take a few years to get to a size to give you shade.

I don't really understand the need for it close to the house. If you get full sun all day wouldn't you want it away from the house so the shade is cast toward your house.

If it has to be close to the house, I'd put up a pergola and grow vines on it. That would give you a shady place to sit

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check out serviceberry. there are different varieties so you'd want a single trunk not a shrub shape. ours is 5 years old and we can sit under it. it's a very easy and pretty tree. in full sun you'd want to be generous with water. hardy to 3a

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A Tardiva would do great in full sun but might be smaller than you'd like---will get about 6 ft. high. Really beautiful though---blooms that last all summer and would flourish in full sun

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