Home Made Slug Juice for 'Beer Traps'

egnilk66(9 - Southern California)April 11, 2012

I have just tried something new...I made a makeshift quick-beer for the beer traps instead of using good (or even bad) beer. It's MUCH cheaper.

I start with a one gallon cider jug (but any large container should work).

Into that I put some wheat bran and some barley (not totally necessary, but I figure I will sprinkle that around the garden for them to eat once we get to the bottom of the jug (I read that the bran makes them swell....to death). I put a couple table spoons of yeast into the jug with a cup or two of sugar. Then I top that up with lukewarm water. Let that sit for a few days and put it in your beer traps (yogurt cups, etc)

1. Gallon Jug

2. 2 T Yeast...any will do.

3. 2 C sugar (any kind)

4. 1 Cup Bran (not required)

5. 1 Cup whole grain wheat or barley (not required)

This mixture seems to be working just fin! and at the cost of about $2/Gallon.

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Water, yeast and sugar will work just fine in my garden. Maybe my slugs will just try to eat anything though... I use washed out Chobani yogurt cups buried to ground level.

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egnilk66(9 - Southern California)

DOH, I forgot to put WATER in my list.

Yes, water, yeast and sugar are the ingredients that actually make "beer".

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Great idea!Thanks for sharing:)now I don't have to go searching for the cheapest beer out there!!!

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