I need landscaping ideas.....please!

phoggieMay 21, 2013

I know many of you may have seen pics of my new build on the Home forums...building houses and small houses....under Phoggie's house...and I am sorry to say that I do not know how to cross post pics...but of someone would give this a try, I would appreciate it.

My house has no steps...so I do not want anything very high in front of the porch...ground is still settling, so no walks, etc. yet...everything MUST be very low-maintaining, due to age and physical disabilities. There aren't any landscapers in our little town, so any and all help os greatly appreciated!

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Forget a link?

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There is a "choose file" button while posting so you can add a picture (only one) that's on your computer. (Must choose file again, if you edit the text before submitting.) If the photos are at a hosting site, find their html cold and paste it into the message, for as many pictures as you want. Experiment to see it in the preview mode.

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Link to thread w/ pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phoggie's home

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Thanks trovesofttrillums for posting a pic of my house....

The first pic is the front of my house that I am needing help lanscaping.
Please remember...keep it very simple and inexpensive as possible...I am not able to take care of anything that needs much maintenance, due to health reasons.

Thanks for all help...without a landscaper in the area, I do not know where to start. There will be a curved sidewalk from the front door to the drive....as soon as the dirt settles enough,

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