Need specific plant suggestions

temesMay 31, 2010

I have installed a small flagstone area in front of my terrace. Now I'm looking to plant a few bushes or some other kind of plant with big gorgeous leaves or whatever plant that would look nice flowing over the stones, as I really like the lush effect it creates. The plant should also grow big enough to provide some privacy but be only moderately sized(as I don't want to block vision over rest of the garden).

I have very little knowledge on plants so any suggestions are appreciated!

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Forgot to add that the plants will be exposed to a lot of sun and four seasons.

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What size bed are planning? What zone are you in? Can you post pictures of the area?

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It all depends on what you have for climate and soil and solar exposure.

What else will these plants be doing for you in regards to traffic control, safety, or controlling a view?

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Where do you live?

Hostas, hollies, and yews will not survive where I live.

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Those plants will survive and flourish here in the NE USA, but it depends on your climate zone, as to which plants will work best.

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