Edging for Existing Gravel Driveway

chambmaMay 27, 2007

Hello, everyone, I need some help with ideas for our gravel driveway. We moved into this house last year (1935 colonial). There is a circular drive in front as well as a section which leads from the right side of the circular drive back toward the garage, which is to the right of the house (not attached). So the driveway kind of makes a backward lowercase "h" shape.

We cannot afford to have it paved right now, so we need to stick with the gravel. However, there are several problems with it. There is an extremely weedy section near the garage, but the weeds are almost impossible to get out since you can't "dig" down into the gravel. We have small children and pets, and I try to be gentle on the environment, so I don't really want to use chemical weedkillers. Also, the driveway has no distinct edge to it, which looks messy and bothers me. Whenever I go to mow the lawn and I mow near the driveway, it kicks up a lot of dust. I thought about edging it with rocks or something, but I want something that, if someone backs over the edge, it's not going to cause any problems. I thought about brick, but am not sure how to handle the angles of the circular part.

Also, the driveway seems to consist of two separate kinds of stone. One looks kind of like crushed rock. The other is small round or oval pebbles, maybe 1/2" or 2/3". They're up near the garage and they do not work well at all since they move around so easily. I can't push the mower well over that area.

Any suggestions? In particular, for the edging.

Thanks much!

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We had a similar situation in our old home. The grass spread into the gravel driveway. It always looked messy. We lived in a rural area and liked the gravel driveway, but not the messiness.
DH found "peeler logs" (the core of a log) at the local lumberyard. He used spikes to put them down on either side of the driveway. Then I created a 24" wide border - killed the grass, rototilled it and planted pink panda strawberries.
Mowing was a breeze and it looked much better. Here is the only photo I could find.

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Zone 8 grandma, nice solution that fits well with the surroundings. It looks very inviting.

Chambma, I've not tried it yet, but have heard that straight 5% white vinegar (a one-gallon jug at the grocery store is really inexpensive) will take care of weeds in a drive or similar location. Just spray it on and they should "burn" up in short order. Just be sure you don't use this in a garden or lawn, as it can change the pH of the soil, making it unsuitable for any plants you do want to grow there.

I know what you mean about the round gravel. That was in our drive when we bought the property (and migrated everywhere else!) and we finally got rid of what was left and replaced with crushed bluestone. I posted it on Freecycle and someone came and took it away to use under a shed he was building.

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