HAVE: tropical fruit - red sugar apple, bananas, vanilla etc

keiki(10 FL)September 14, 2013

I have the following to trade

Red sugar apple
raja puri banana
ice cream banana
1000 finger banana
vanilla vine
spanish red pineapple babies
I also have katuk which I get lots of requests for but this is a ship at your risk plant. It hates to be dug up and it wilts terribly so it may not bounce back. I need to thin my patch and will pack it the best I can.

Wish list

Black surinam cherry
theobroma cacao or chocolate tree
tropical fruit I don't have
water mimosa
tropical edibles
hand made items or your craft work
any edible I don't have good for zone 10

Nothing for postage at this time. I love to trade and you probably have something interesting you no longer use just look around and tempt me.

EMAIL me at ladygardener 1 at comcast dot net if interested I can change my prefferences to get emails and within a day it is no longer working.

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E-mail sent.

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Sending email.

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about your Katuk...

is a tropical plant that grows fast and loves heat. The delicious (and extremely nutritious) leaves and tips are nutty, almost reminiscent of garden peas with a pleasant nutty after taste. When used as stem tips, it is reminiscent of asparagus. This is an extremely popular vegetable in Southeast Asia. The flowers and fruits are also edible.

It also has Papervine, which is a pain killer,
but i think too much can give you lung problems

Very interesting
i have lots of Papaya seedlings ?

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