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douglasont(6 ON)May 31, 2010

Hi: Here they are! Find a few pics of my front yard below. I posted a few days ago for help to unify the collector's garden.(my personal definition of "collector" - I buy or get 'one' plant from someone and tuck it in)You might notice I have a few multiples - I'm trying.

I hope to use a few of the suggestions: 1. unify with ground cover 2. unifying with a few square cut limestone rocks - in scale to the landscape.

Any other suggestions out there now that you can see the situation?

I find it all very neat and tidy - I like keeping it this way - and now that I have got rid of the thugs (a 2 year process)- I still think there is something lacking.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Very lovely and diverse. It looks young and should fill more in future seasons so the areas that are sparse will fill eventualy. However you could perhaps do a ground carpet phlox. These will grow about 18" are mounded, flower in spring and are evergreen the rest of the season. The ones I have put on a great show for me. You could also do this in the foundation bed. I call it skirting. But trust yourself you already have a lovely home and yard and are doing a great job. The lawn as well is very nice.

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