hiding inkberries' legginess

mbmarsMay 21, 2012

I have four inkberry holly shrubs in the front of the house against the foundation. They are about 10 years old and have gotten pretty sparse on the bottom 2/3 or so. I know pruning can help but also know that this is the character of inkberries. Does anyone have any advice on shrubs to plant in front of them to hide the legginess? I'm about to rip them all out and start from scratch but wanted to be sure i exhausted all options!

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Why, tree socks, of course! (sorry, old thread, couldn't resist...)

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If your front of the house face south,interplant some shrubs or small trees.or chop off top the inkberry.

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Post a photo, please.

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Love the tree sock idea - but its not good for job security. She will need a size 00 tree sock.

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You might find the evergreen herb Germander (Teucrium chamaedrys) a useful filler in this situation. Takes well to pruning when needed, has low water needs, attractive.

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