two much water SIP? Pepper Problem

sam_kx4sam(9B)July 5, 2011

Almost looks like blossom end rot. These are Mammoth Jalape�os. This problem seems to occur on peppers just as they start to ripen. Growing in 5 gallon buckets, SIP, similar to global buckets dot org. Reservoir kept full. Osmocote general slow release fertilizer. Full sun.The wicking area is 3" PVC pipe, with hole drilled in the side. Miracle Grow Potting soil.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Could this be Sun scald ? Try some shade

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Due to overflow holes it is not possible to overfill the reservoir. If the correct soil is used it will not ever be too wet. Al

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its ber, i let my swc's almost dry out for my peppers. did you add any dolomite lime to your container mix? over and under watering cause how calcium moves throughout the plant. causing ber. there other things that contribute to it but in your case to wet. when the plant gets older it corrects its self. most of the time.

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Matt_Tampa(9a/9b Tampa FL)

Just my opinion, but based on what I've read about PVC re leaching of chemicals, I would advise using polyethylene (PE) or some other type of pipe instead. I know at least that in California, PVC has to be labeled as a carcinogen, but I can't speak for other types of plastic.

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With miracle grow mix and a full reservoir all the time, it's probably too wet.

Let the reservoir dry out for a couple days before re-filling it.

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