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newbie-3May 23, 2013

I have a low area in the front of my property, and when the creek fills up it spills out onto that low area (approx 15 yards +/-).. due to the slope of the land its not possible to add dirt.. I was thinking of some type of landscape/rock feature of some sort in that low area, that feature will be more of a focal point rather than an open grassy area that fills up with water.. I have attached an image that shows the area from 2 different angles

Please give me some type of landscape ideas for that low area..

I appreciate the help.. thank you!

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"...due to the slope of the land its not possible to add dirt..." Could you explain why not as the picture is explaining that it is possible.

Unless a rock feature was some lovely giant boulder ... the kind no one could afford or be able to move ... why would anyone want it there. The minor depression (that's how it appears in the photo) seems non-offensive.

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How long does the water stay pooled up there? If it is serving an important role (handeling excess water during heavy rains) I would be careful about altering it as you might have unintended consequences (water going other places you'd rather not have it go).

One can plant trees and shrubs which handle intermittent flooding. Perhaps a modified rain garden or a grouping of plants to block out the pooled water could follow the existing arc of the depression.

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Once had a similar situation owning a property in NYS with a famous trout stream running through the backyard which overflowed every spring.

All moving water deposits silt. Large rock(s) placed in the depression will trap silt and other debris. In time the depression would fill with soil and the water will seek another course. I have develop great respect for moving water. If it is behaving itself and not causing problems, leave everything alone. Do nothing to impede the water overflow. In time, even without intervention, the present depression will become silted and then you will have a different situation to deal with.

Consider placing a bluebird house on a pole in the middle of that sometimes wet depression. Or, perhaps a large bird house attractive to mosquito eating swallows and martins.

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understood, most suggest to keep as is.. which im probably going to do..

thank you everyone for the advice!

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