Using Step Ladders in Landscape

TGibsonMay 3, 2012

I have found 2 ladders on craigslist and I am thinking of adding them to my landscape design instead of an arbor. Any suggestions would be great. Climbing clematis, putting potted/hooked plants on the steps? help!

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You could post some pics that show the context and situated and conditions(if have,include drainage irrigation)(They are not too close up).first upload photo to any photo-hosting site.Photobucket and Flickr are examples . While at that photo on the site,look for a link to "share." Then look for a way of obtaining "html code" (don't select the thumbnail version).Copy that code and paste it directly into your message here.
You could tell me that sun light time(or where face?) and climate and soil,or local name.

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Are you Zone 5a?

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Am quite sure our Chinese friend has no idea what a ladder is but am equally sure they will shortly appear in the Quick Draw McGraw renderings we've become so familiar with.

Don't see where they're much different in the gardenscape than lashing three old broom sticks together to make a tuteur for sweetpeas, clematis, scarlet runner beans, climbers of all types.

Perusing the images for step ladders as garden art there is a picture of a cute one just nestled in the assorted garden plants, painted bright yellow with potted plants on the rungs.

Here is a link that might be useful: garden art

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Gottagarden from the Cottage forum uses ladders for gourds and morning glories in her potager.

Here is a link that might be useful: GG's potager pics

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