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65falconMay 19, 2013

I'm interested in redoing my center section to give it more of a curb appeal. Can you help me generate some ideas or tell me what I should do to bring it out more. I already have my mind made up on incorpating steps behind the center sections (Pic 2).

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Can you take a photo from further back to show the whole width of the property and a bit of the adjoining houses so that we can see the whole picture of what's there?

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Mike Larkin

Remove the overgrown shrubs near the foundation. The windows are becoming covered.
It seems that there is quite a variety of different plants, (from this picture) . Sometimes less variety and some repetition is more appealing.
A different angle as suggested may help get a better idea. Also can you id any of the plants, does this face south, ( full sun) what is your planting zone?

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Design Ideas

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The groundcover portion of the bed could look pretty decent if it didn't have weeds, the dead spots were healed and it had a precise edge. But the shrub portion would be better off started over as there is such a random sampling of plants. Some 6' ht. mounding shrubbery at the left side would help compensate for the slope. But at the R side foundation, it would probably be less than half that height. Now, your entrance area (including the steps) is screened from view. I'd let that show. You could stand to have a flowering tree at the left side of the house, maybe somewhat forward, as the house looks naked over there. Incorporate it into a bed that ties in with the front bed. Some street trees (that you kept limbed up) would help to frame the view and add a pleasant character to the yard and neighborhood.

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Attached are more pics from different angles

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Different angles

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On the seconds photo I would like to incorporate brick steps, which leads to the side of the house thru the gate which you see on the first photo.

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Mike Larkin

All the shrubs and trees are located in one bed in front of the house without regard to how large they will get, or what they look like together. Eventually they will over grow their spot. And do nothing to complement your home. There are many nice shrubs and trees (like the Japanese maple near front window) that should be removed and replanted where it can grow to its full size. This will take a professional contractor to move and replant. My first suggestion would be to have a contractor come in and give you an estimate on the brick steps and path. Do your hardscaping first. I expect it will be very expensive. This is not a do it yourself project, After you get your bid and decide if it is in your budget, Install the steps and walk. Then after all the digging is done, I would consider finding a professional landscaper designer. He can see the entire landscape. We can't tell from your photo which ones need what. .
A designer will be able to tell you which plants can grow in your location, how much room they need, how big they will get, place them so they complement your home and have a sense of rhythm and balance. I asked for a phot of the entire house left to right , so I could see the plants on the left and the right, The landscape needs some balance, but cant't tell that from the photos provided.
We use professionals to build the house and this one looks GREAT , but wont use a professional for the landscape.
The best advise I can give is to ask someone to come to your home and look at what you have.
I have sent you a link to a very nice blog I found while surfing the internet. that a landscape designer has created. It shows you all the steps a professional considers before doing a design. Please look over. I suspect that if you get a person to help you with this project you will be very satisfied.

Happy Planting

Here is a link that might be useful: A very nice blog

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